Wood Gates Design

Wooden Gates in Delaware

At Leading Edge Fence & Gates, we believe in providing the best wood gate services. We know that every project is different, so we tailor our custom wooden gates for each property.

Whether you need to boost your property’s curb appeal or improve security, our professional and experienced team is here to help enhance the outlook of your house. We offer custom-made solid wood gates and gates from popular manufacturers like New England Woodworks.

With experience of 20+ years, we are able to cater to your specific requirements. We assure to offer a comprehensive gate installation service by focusing on both aesthetics and safety. 

Custom Wood Gates Design

Deciding how you want your new wood gates to look is always an exciting first step. Luckily, our team offers various wood gate designs to match your property and budget. 


New England Wood Works

A popular choice in our roster, the New England Wood Works customized gates are a perfect balance between functionality and style. Each wooden gate comes with a steel frame inside a Western Red Cedar gate, which prevents issues like warping or sagging.
You’ll also have access to various colors, stains, and designs when choosing this option. You can opt for a minimalist look, something brighter, or even an ornamental look.


Sliding Gates Styles

We offer wood driveway gates that match a sliding gate style. This wood gate installation style provides optimal security with minimal costs.


Ornamental Swing Wooden Gates

Ornamental swing gates are wooden gates that we routinely install. These solid wood gates will give any Delaware home a more refined look.
Commercial properties like golf clubs and country clubs often use these gates. We have several design options you can choose from.

A Cost-Effective Choice

A wood gate installation can significantly help you reduce costs, especially when you have a larger property. A sturdy gate will look great, all the while protecting you and your home from unwanted guests.  

When you work with Leading Edge Fence & Gates, you have several design and style options to choose from for further customization. In addition, our wood gates use durable material that can help prevent repair costs for issues like waterlogging and rot.  

Choosing Leading Edge Fence and Gates to install a new wood gate for your property will not just save you money, but there are quite a few reasons that will give you the ultimate peace of mind.
● Over 20 years of providing expert services
● Free consultations for every project
● Experience working with projects of various sizes
● Competitive and transparent prices
● A one-year warranty on sliding gates and other products


Make Your Wood Gate Your Own

It’s important to realize that having a proper entrance or wood driveway gate holds more significance than how it looks. Our all-inclusive premium wood gate installation process is transparent, efficient, and cost-effective. You can easily make your wood gate your own by implementing various customized features, including:

● Multiple designs and styles
● Various widths and heights
● Fitting a wooden gate with your fence’s design


Maintaining Your Gate

Our team will help prevent gate damage and keep it fully functional when you sign up with our preventative maintenance agreement. This agreement covers many services, including:  

● Evaluating every safety device connected to the gate
● Lubricating all pivots, chains, and bearings
● Analyzing the operating system’s voltage
● Ensuring all gates open and close with enough room and adjusting if needed

This service is an excellent choice for every customer all over Delaware. With this plan in place, you can have peace of mind and extend your wood gate’s longevity. Of course, if your gate experiences a sudden issue, our team will put you at the top of our service list.  


Electricity to Keep Your Gate Running

Having a stable electricity power source is vital for property owners who want a wooden driveway gate that’ll automatically open. Our team can help you explore options, including solar energy.

Security and Access Control

Whenever our team installs a new set of wood gates, we always have safety in mind. You’ll benefit from our access control services to make it easy to control who enters and exits your property. We offer different access systems, including:

● Keypad code systems
● Transmitters
● Telephone entry devices
● Biometric scanners

You can use all our security and access controls for any wood gates.



Additional Safety Features

Our safety devices can also protect drivers from issues like entrapment. For example, gate edges operate via touch. Therefore, your automatic gate will stop or reverse its opening process when a problem occurs.

Contact us Today about Wood Gate Installation

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