Custom Gates in Delaware

Are you looking for a company that offers custom gates that are durable, match your property’s style, enhance curb appeal, and most importantly improve security? Leading Edge Fence and Gates’ years of experience, coupled with the latest tools and technology is well-equipped to offer you a custom gate without any compromises.

Choosing the correct type of gate can be complicated, but our team is here to assist you in every part of the process from picking the best gate for you to installation. Our custom gate installation includes cost-effective solutions and quality products.

Custom Gate Designs

Our custom gate installation process begins with you choosing which material and style you want. Luckily, we have custom wood, metal, and other options to choose from. Some of the custom gates we provide include: 



Ornamental Swing Gates and Custom Metal Gates

When you want your property to have a classy or beautiful driveway gate, our ornamental swing gates are an excellent option. Country clubs often use these custom metal gates, but they can give any kind of property a more elegant feel. We have different design and height options available and six different powder coating colors.



New England Custom Wood Gates

All New England custom wood gates have steel frames inside Western Red Cedar gates for increased durability. Property owners can choose from various colors and styles. Choices range from ornamental to simple looks, to swinging or sliding styles.



Country Estate Gates

For a simple yet durable option, country estate gates are a dynamic choice. We weld our custom steel gates with highly rigid materials to protect your gate from everyday wear and tear and extreme weather conditions. In addition, the coating we use is rust free which means you’ll never have to paint them.
We customize every country’s estate gate with our customers in mind. Whether you have a custom driveway gate design in mind or want to rely on our 20+ years of experience, our team can guide you to pick the gate suitable to your style and requirements. We can even match your country estate gate to fit your fence.



Vertical Pivot Gates

Vertical pivot gates are a great option when you don’t have a lot of space but need to increase your security measures. These gates open vertically, which can significantly save on space compared to sliding or swinging gates. This type of custom gate is ideal for business owners with parking spaces or mini storage.

We Handle Custom Gates of All Sizes

Our custom gate process involves installing gates for various projects. We can do custom gate installation for:

  •   Homes
  •   Commercial properties
  •   Parks
  •   Gardens
  •   Farms

All our custom gates are cost-effective, durable, and require little maintenance. In addition, many of our gates come with a one-year warranty and an optional preventative maintenance agreement.


Our Safety and Security Custom Gate Installation Features

Gates can provide your property with an extra layer of safety and security. However, your residential or commercial property can still be susceptible to break-ins without the right features. Luckily, Leading Edge Fence & Gates offers many innovative features.

Safe Access Control

Allowing the right people to enter and exit your property is easy when using our access control services. Our entire entry gate system will let you control who comes and goes. Our safe access systems include:

  •   Transmitters
  •   Telephone entry devices
  •   Keypad code systems
  •   Biometric scanners

Maintaining Your Custom Gates

 A crucial part of keeping your commercial or residential property safe is ensuring your custom gate is appropriately maintained. Although we stand firmly behind the material we use to install every custom gate, issues can still occur.

When you sign up for our preventative maintenance agreement, you’ll gain access to many maintenance and repair services, including:

  •   Lubricating essential gate parts like chains and bearings
  •   Monitoring and rectifying the voltage of your gate’s operating system
  •   Making sure all gates have enough room to open and close
  •   Regularly analyze every safety device linked to your gate

  Doing routine checks on your gate’s operating system


Once We Install Your Custom Aluminum Gate

After installing your custom gate, we’ll meet with you to see how the gate is performing. We’ll ensure you know how to operate your new customized gate and answer any questions you might have.
Many of our products also come with a one-year warranty, and we can quickly fix any operational issues. Whether or not you sign up for our preventative maintenance agreement, you can schedule regular check-up appointments with our team.


Contact Leading Edge Fence & Gates

Leading Edge Fence & Gates has over two decades of experience providing service for areas like Newark, Middletown, Glasgow, Bear, Strickersville, and more. No matter what type of custom gate you need, we can discuss options and pair you with the right style.
Whether you want to install a new custom gate or need our help repairing your existing one, you can call Leading Edge Fence & Gates now at (302) 892-2575!