Slide Gates in Delaware

Are you wondering whether a sliding or swing gate is best for your property? If you don’t have the space to accommodate a swing gate, a slide gate is an ideal solution. Sliding gates are also suitable for residences or businesses on a slope.
Regardless of the situation, it’s worth calling experts to determine the best solution for your fencing or gate needs. Whether you need a new sliding gate installation or repair, contact Leading Edge Fence & Gates today!

Why Opt for Slide Gates?

There are numerous reasons you may want slide gates over swing gates. However, one of the most fundamental reasons to opt for a slide gate is if you’re short on opening space. For example, if your current driveway doesn’t offer the appropriate angle for entryway gates to swing open entirely, you need a sliding gate.

Another reason homeowners and business owners choose sliding gates is that their property is located on a steep slope. Unfortunately, swing gates don’t always work well when there is a steep slope because the angle may threaten those entering and exiting the driveway.

In each of these situations, it’s best to equip the driveway with a sliding gate. However, you should note that you don’t need either of these situations to pursue a sliding gate. If you simply prefer a sliding gate’s look, luxury, convenience, and style, then speak with the Leading Edge Fence & Gates team to begin the construction.


Manual And Electric Slide Gates Design

Generally, there are two main designs for slide gates: manual and electric. Regardless of the type, all slide gates require a track for the gate doorway to move horizontally.


Manual Slide Gates

Manual slide gates require a track and manual operation. The manual slide gate requires that someone physically slide the gate door for opening and closing. Manual slide gates are also much more affordable than their electric counterparts.
Manual slide gates still offer users a lock and key for added safety. Unfortunately, some find leaving their vehicle to unlock and lock the gate a significant inconvenience, so they prefer to spend the extra money to install an electric sliding gate instead.


Electric Slide Gates

Electric slide gates open and close automatically. Usually, some remote control, keycode, or biometric scanner signals your gate doors to open and close. This means you get the safety features without needing to exit your vehicle and don’t need a lock and key for every entry.
These gates still require a track, like manual slide gates. However, you should note that electric slide gates cost significantly more than manual slide gates.

Your Options for Slide Gates Design

Slide gates come in two different designs:

  1. Single door slide gates allow one gate door to slide left or right to open. It closes by sliding back in the direction of the door opened.
  2. Double door slide gates have two doors. One door slides to the left, and the other slides to the right; they meet in the middle to close.

The Leading Edge Fence & Gates team is ready to complete the job, no matter which sliding gate design you prefer. If you aren’t sure which is best for your property, we can help with that too.


Different Materials for Slide Gates

Another factor to consider for your sliding gate is which type of material you want. Slide gates are available in numerous materials, including:

  •         Aluminum: lightweight and rust-resistant.
  •         Wrought iron: a heavy metal material that may be prone to rust.
  •         Vinyl: plastic-like and is the cheapest option.
  •         Steel: a rigid metal slightly more resistant to rust than iron.

You should speak with a team member to weigh each material’s pros and cons and determine the best material for your particular needs. However, you should note that the weather is a significant factor when deciding on a gate material, and slide gates commonly feature metals.


Advantages to Slide Gates

Slide gates offer various benefits. All of these advantages are worth noting before deciding on installation.

  •         Increased safety for residences and commercial properties 
  •         A sleek, modern approach to gates and fencing 
  •         Ideal for high slope areas
  •         No demand for vehicle space (great for large deliveries) 

·         No need to exit your vehicle for the electric slide gate option


Go with Fencing and Gate Experts

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