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Access Control Systems in Newark, DE

Access control systems provides great value to the security of any property by only giving access to authorized people. Installing access control systems on your residential or commercial property is one of the best ways to safeguard your belongings and keep your family safe. If you want a reliable access control system in Delaware, Leading Edge Gates & Controls is your best option.

Leading Edge Gates & Controls has been Delaware’s go-to choice for industry-leading access control systems for nearly 30 years. We specialize in protecting Delaware homes and businesses with advanced security systems and gating, protecting you and your belongings from thieves, prowlers, crooks, and other unwelcome guests. Our team has installed countless access control systems throughout Delaware, and we can do the same for you at a price that fits your budget and needs.

Residential and Commercial Access Control Systems in Delaware

A Leading Edge access control system gives your home or business exceptional security and protection 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. It gives you complete control of your property’s security, allowing you to monitor your home or business at all times. Our access control systems are easy to use and make protecting your belongings simple, convenient and stress-free.

Our access security systems utilize several sophisticated features that take your property’s security to the next level, including:

  •                     Card, keypad, and FOB keyless entry technology
  •                     Cloud-based control solutions
  •                     Cellular gate access control
  •                     Biometric access system technology
  •                     Visitor management control
  •                     ID badging
  •                     Turnstile security
  •                     Video surveillance
  •                     Cutting-edge alarm system

Some security devices even have a role-based access control system design, restricting unauthorized employees from specific areas. Our physical access control systems give your commercial facility ample protection by requiring workers to enter their PIV credentials, heightening your security even further.

Benefits of an Access Control System

Our access control systems offer more than just security. They carry numerous benefits that other security systems don’t provide. Below are some advantages you’ll enjoy with a Leading Edge access control system.



Simple and Efficient Authorization Process

Our access control systems utilize a simple yet efficient authorization process, making it easy for qualified employees and visitors to enter and exit the facility while restricting unwanted guests. Use the panel to type in the PIN, or swipe your card or phone and gain access to restricted areas.
Our access control systems’ simplistic authorization process makes unauthorized access nearly impossible. You’ll receive a notification whenever someone attempts to enter your facility without the correct credential or a door becomes insecure. You can also monitor your property’s entrances through your smartphone, giving you 24-hour surveillance worldwide.



Boost Employee Productivity

When you install a high-quality security system, employees will think twice before taking unauthorized breaks. Our access control panels will help you monitor your worker’s productivity, making it easy to catch slacking employees.



Advanced Tracking Technology

Our access control systems track employee entry frequency, allowing you to see who was where and at what time. This feature makes it easy to manage your workers and ensure they are where they’re supposed to be while on the clock.



Elevates Security

Our state-of-the-art security and access control systems give your property an extra layer of protection from criminals and unwelcomed guests. They allow you to authorize who gains access to your home or business while safeguarding your products and belongings. You can also monitor your property 24/7 and alter the security settings swiftly and effortlessly.



Customized Security

At Leading Edge Gates & Controls, we tailor our security systems to your needs. We listen to your needs and go above and beyond to ensure you get the appropriate protection without surpassing your financial means. Our team will work with you and find the best access control system for your home or business.

Why Choose Leading Edge Gates & Controls?

Leading Edge Gates & Controls has been one of Delaware’s leading access control and security system services for almost three decades. Our team prioritizes your needs and does everything they can to guarantee your satisfaction. We stick by your side throughout the installation process and answer any questions you have about your new access control system and our services.

At Leading Edge Gates & Controls, we believe outstanding customer service is just as important as protecting your property. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our services before completing a project.

The Leading Edge team is here for you whether you need a cellular gate entry system or access control panel installation.

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