Split Rail Fence Installation in Delaware

Many Delaware residents choose to install a split rail fence to enhance their homes. This type of fence is becoming more popular for its affordable cost and open design. Sometimes built using wire mesh, this fence is transparent, giving any property a more open feel.

No matter what type of fence you want to install, you’ll want to have an expert team on your side. At Leading Edge Fence & Gates, we have over 20 years of experience helping homeowners. Among our many services, we offer split rail fence installation for many properties, including:

  •   Backyards
  •   Farms
  •   Gardens
  •   Parks

We handle many different types of fences and will work with you to find the most affordable split rail fence cost.

Why Should You Choose a Split Rail Fence?

There are a couple of reasons why Newark, DE, residents choose split rail fence installation



A Rustic Look

A split rail fence offers a traditional, rustic look that can complement any kind of landscape. While this fencing is ideal for country homes and farms, even suburbs can benefit from this rustic look.
You can also choose between different types of wood for your fencing. People choose from two main options: Western Red Cedar fence or Yellow Pine. Our team at Leading Edge Fence & Gates can also help you decide what look and material will best match your property.




Split rail fence installation also boasts versatility and utility. While many homeowners choose this option for its rustic look and affordability, this type of fence is also perfect for animal owners. If you’re a farmer with lots of livestock that you need to prevent roaming around, split rail fence installation is an excellent choice.




For homeowners that love their privacy, stockade is another great choice. This fencing style features close boards that will reduce overall visibility. Our team can build stockades of various heights depending on your requirements.



Split Rail Fence Installation: Cost-Effective

You don’t need a lot of material to build this type of fence. Most builders can build split rail fences by using vertical wood posts linked to horizontal fence rails and some wire mesh if needed.
Since the material is affordable and easy to transport, consumers find that the total split rail fence cost is far less than other materials. As a result, many property owners choose split rail fences for economic reasons and large-scale projects.

Make Your Split Rail Fence Your Own

At Leading Edge Fence & Gates, we believe in offering an installation process as comprehensive as it is transparent. You can benefit from a free consultation where our team will discuss different options and rates for your split rail fence.

Along with customized projects, we offer three central rail fence heights:

  •   Two-rail at 36 inches tall
  •   Three-rail at 48 inches tall
  •   Four-rail at 60 inches tall

We treat every pressured material for optimal protection, whether cedar or yellow pine. We insert your rails into the ground within your new fence posts; so that their weight is able to hold them together

A typical split rail fence typically comes with green, black, white, or galvanized wire mesh. Many homeowners opt for either 1”x2” or 2”x4” openings in their wires.  A split rail gate can also be made using the same supplies to build a split rail fence.


Split Rail Fence Installation Are Repair Friendly

Installing a split rail fence is a popular choice because you can quickly repair or replace whole board sections. In addition, our team can resolve various issues like damages from storms, natural wear and tear, and accidents.

Maintaining Your Split Rail Fence

Unfortunately, split rail fence installation can start to degrade over time, meaning there are some preventative measures you’ll need to take to keep it in good shape.

Cleaning Split Rail Fences

Many homeowners prefer cleaning their split rail fence with a pressure washer. It is recommended to set your pressure washer on a low-pressure setting to make sure the protective sealant doesn’t get removed. There are also specially designed wood soaps that can be used to clean the wooden fences.


Sealing, Painting, and Staining

Wood can also degrade from sunlight and rain, but homeowners can avoid these problems by sealing, painting, and staining their split rail fences.

  • Sealing: Be sure to seal your fence at least once a year to protect it from the weather, everyday wear-and-tear, and changing temperatures.
  • Painting: Before painting your fence, you’ll want to use an alkyd oil-based primer to prime its surface. On future coats, you can use acrylic latex paint. Make sure your fence is dry before you start painting.
  • Staining: Staining your fence is an excellent way to add diversity to its color and texture. Like painting, you’ll want to wait until your fence is dry.

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