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Vinyl Gates in Newark, DE

Vinyl gates are a feature that aesthetically breaks up the streamlined look of an ordinary fence with added style. It is a simple way to add an elegant look while not compromising structural integrity or security. With multiple options for style and vinyl gate designs, these gates easily fit in with any vinyl fence design.

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Benefits of Vinyl Gates

  •   Vinyl gates add style and value to your home. They can replace traditional iron and wooden gates with additional benefits.
  •   Vinyl gates are generally hollow, making them lighter than traditional gate options. These gates being hollow doesn’t make them weaker, though. In contrast, they are more durable than conventional gates and more resistant to harsh weather conditions, pet damage, and lawn mower damage.
  •   Vinyl gate maintenance is easier than maintenance of traditional gates. The sleek exterior makes them easy to hose down for vinyl gate maintenance, and they do not break, chip, or fade. They are also resistant to water damage, mold, and mildew.
  •    Vinyl gates are made to order because they are more customizable than traditional gate options while remaining environmental-friendly. They are also more affordable and cost-effective than wood or iron options.

There are plenty of options for custom vinyl gates to enhance appearance and durability. Most options look natural and blend in with your home’s aesthetics and surroundings.

Gate Purpose

The main walkway or entrance to your home isn’t the only place that needs a safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing gate. At Leading Edge Fence & Gates, we offer beautiful gates for any area of your property, such as:

  • Balconies
  • Decks
  • Car drive gate
  • Fences
  • Gardens
  • Gazebos
  • Patios
  • Pools

Gate Style

Each purpose requires a different style gate, and entrances can vary in location, size, and traffic. Our vinyl gate style options include: 

  • Single gates
  • Double gates
  • Rolling gates 

Gate Colors

Gone are the days when the only choices in color were white picket fences or bare natural wood. Your vinyl gate is an important feature that should feel like a natural part of your home or landscaped spaces. We offer vinyl gates in a wide range of colors, including:

  • Traditional brown, tan, gray, and clay colors
  • Coastal cedar
  • Driftwood colors
  • Dark sequoia
  • Weathered aspen
  • Traditional white

Reinforcement for Custom Vinyl Gates

In addition to choosing the look of your gate, you can also choose to reinforce your gate. Custom vinyl gates can be reinforced internally or externally. 

Because these gates are generally hollow, it is possible to place steel rods inside the support beams and posts. The design hides internal reinforcements to avoid detracting from the gate’s overall appearance. This approach ensures the gates are lighter than traditional gates but still have that added durability.

Vinyl gates are also reinforceable with steel framing. Steel framing prevents the entire gate from sagging or falling over time or during difficult weather conditions.

Cost to Install Vinyl Gates

Vinyl gates are an upselling feature that adds style to the exterior of your home. They do come at a cost but are an investment worth having. The vinyl gate blends in and is the perfect desirable addition to any home, making it essential for good resale value. In fact, vinyl gates add more value to your home than other more costly traditional home upgrades. 

At Leading Edge Fence & Gates, we understand the added benefit of vinyl gates. We also understand the budget constraints. Along with our knowledge and experience, we provide free estimates, low monthly payments, and financing options. We can make adding a vinyl gate to your home affordable so that you don’t have to forgo style and the option of choosing the best vinyl gate design for your home. 


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