Chain Link Fencing in Delaware

When choosing the right fence, there are a few key factors to consider. Your fence should be attractive, effective, and budget-friendly, and should meet the specific requirements of the property you are trying to protect.

Chain link fence installation is a popular choice for those looking to secure both commercial and residential properties. Low upfront costs, major security advantages, and easy maintenance are all factors that make chain link fences an excellent option for meeting your fencing needs.

Chain link fencing is made of steel wire enhanced using zinc or vinyl and woven in a diamond-shaped pattern. Chain link fence installation provides a strong, durable boundary that property owners often favor for setting perimeters. The diamond pattern provides visibility while maintaining security.

Another benefit of chain link fences is that they don’t disrupt scenic views. These fences are popular in a variety of settings, such as:

  •                     Pools
  •                     Gardens
  •                     Backyards
  •                     Farms

Chain Link Fence Designs

Chain link fence designs use different fabrics, frameworks, and accessories, presenting you with several interesting options for designing a fence that suits your tastes. Whether you’re concerned about preserving your view, enhancing your property’s privacy, or trying to find the best option to keep your yard secure and your livestock and pets safe, there are chain-link fence designs that are right for you.


Chain link fence installation provides a few options for fabric in your fencing.

  • Galvanized After Weaving (GAW): Installers weave wire into the fabric and then reinforce it using a zinc coating.
  • Galvanized Before Weaving (GBW): Installers galvanize the wire first, using zinc coating, and then weave it into the fabric. This is a good option for protecting against corrosion and rust caused by environmental conditions.

Aluminized: Aluminum is a great option for chain link fencing because it has an attractive, smooth, and long-lasting texture.

Chain Link Heights

Chain link fence installation can provide different height options depending on what your needs are. Shorter chain link fences are an excellent choice to partition gardens, small family yards, or dog runs, while taller fences are better for securing commercial properties.

During your consultation with the Leading Edge Fence & Gates team, let us know about your fence project and the area you need to secure, and we can recommend an appropriate fence height.


Chain link fence designs can help you choose the strongest framework to suit your needs. We will consider factors like wall thickness and framework diameter to ensure your fence is strong and sturdy enough, no matter how you use it.


Chain Gate Options

You can also choose if you’d like your fence to contain a pedestrian walkway, double-swing gates, or rolling vehicle gates to allow cars onto your property. Chain link gates give the impression of a guarded area and convey a message of security, making them a popular choice for businesses.

 A chain gate will secure the property while also helping to prevent traffic and pedestrian congestion or unwanted visitors.


You will decide how you want installers to weave your chain link fence wire together, called selvage. We can knuckle the wire to prevent sharp edges, which is a good option for pools, schoolyards, and sports facilities. If you need more secure weaving, we can twist the ends for extra reinforcement. These twists leave small barbs that are popular for commercial properties.

Save Money with Chain Link Fence Installation

Chain link fence designs cost relatively little compared to other fence types. This very affordable option provides a great degree of security and utility for property owners.

These fences are an excellent selection for property owners wishing to secure large areas or for homeowners who want to partition their gardens or backyards from neighbors. One of the best cost-saving features of chain link fences is how long-lasting they are, providing a permanent fencing option for little expense.

Customize Your Fence

Chain link fence installers can easily customize chain link fence installation. Depending on the specifics of your project, some customization choices you have with a chain-link fence are:

  • Weaving vinyl slats through the diamond pattern to enhance privacy and add a splash of color
  • Adding barbed wire, razor wire, or mini-mesh fabric at the top of the fence to provide additional security
  • Installing top caps, which cover the barbs at the top of the fence while providing a pleasing ornamental element
  • Adding a black or green coating to help your fence blend in with its environment

Chain Link Fence Installation Process

At Leading Edge Fence & Gates, we take pride in our thorough chain link fence installation process. Once we have consulted with you on your needs and agreed on a plan for your fence, our installers will pour concrete at your property to set the fence posts that comprise the fence’s structure.

While the concrete sets, we’ll create your custom chain link gates. Once the concrete is ready, we will set up your gates and install the diamond-patterned wire component of your fence. This is typically a smooth, efficient process, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly we can get your fence ready to protect your property.

Easy-to-Repair Fencing

While chain link fences are durable, you may occasionally have issues with the wire or posts. We offer complete chain link repair. If your fence becomes bent or warped, we can fix it regardless of if we were the ones to install it originally.

Maintaining Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence designs require little to no maintenance because the galvanized and aluminized coatings are rust-resistant. If you do end up with rust problems, we can take care of them for you. If you find your fence is not operating as expected, you can check for individual links that may be bent or snagged. To fix any broken links, you can reweave them using pliers.

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