Swing Gates in Delaware

Swing gates give your home an extra layer of security while enhancing your property’s visual appeal. With technology advancing every year, swing gates are more secure than ever. If you need professional swing gate installation, maintenance, or repair services, contact Leading Edge Gates & Controls.

Leading Edge Gates & Controls is one of Delaware’s most trusted gate companies. Our team has been installing and maintaining swing gates for over two decades, giving us the skills to handle any gate installation project with 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you want to install a stainless-steel swing gate or need to replace your automatic swing gate opener, Leading Edge Gates & Controls is here for you.

Professional Swing Gate Installation and Repair in Delaware

An attractive and robust swing gate provides more than just security. It can also increase your property’s value and heighten your privacy. When someone will arrive at your home, your swing gate will open elegantly, giving your friends and family a graceful welcome that will make an everlasting impression.

There are several types of swing gates to choose from, making it easy to find one that matches your style. They range from sophisticated Victorian swing gates to contemporary double gates. Below are just some swing gate designs Leading Edge Gates & Controls offers.

  •                     Industrial swing gates
  •                     Single gates
  •                     Double gates
  •                     Wooden gates
  •                     Stainless steel gates
  •                     Colonial gates
  •                     Tudor gates
  •                     Victorian gates

At Leading Edge Gates & Controls, we craft our gate frames with industry-leading materials. We never cut corners with subpar supplies, ensuring you receive a high-quality swing gate that will withstand the test of time. No matter what your preference, we can help you find a swing gate that will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Benefits of a Swing Gate

Swing gates offer home and business owners multiple benefits, ranging from enhanced curbside appeal to improved security. Below are some of the most prevalent benefits swing gates provide.


Heightened Security

It’s no secret that swing gates help protect your home or business from intruders, thieves, scammers, and other unwelcomed guests. They keep criminals at bay and make it difficult for them to break into your property without your consent.
Recent technical advancements allow homeowners to monitor their gates with an easy-to-use smartphone app. The app gives you complete control over your gate and security, enabling you to choose who enters your property. Our gates come with convenient swing gate openers that control your entryway without requiring you to get out of your vehicle.
Swing gates don’t just keep unwanted guests at bay. They also prevent pets and children from wandering off your property. Your swing gates will keep your loved ones safe and secure while they spend time enjoying your front lawn.


Increased Curbside Appeal

Most homeowners want to keep their residences looking their best. Installing a beautiful swing gate will help your property’s curbside appeal reach its full potential, making your home the highlight of the neighborhood. Swing gates can also increase your property’s value enabling you to get more out of your home if you decide to put it on the market.


Low Maintenance

One of the best aspects of swing gates is their low maintenance requirements. Swing gates don’t demand excessive maintenance and only require occasional lubrication. Thanks to our high-quality swing gates, you won’t have to spend weekends tending to your entryway.


Quiet Operation

Unlike other gates, swing gates open and close silently (if you keep the hinges lubricated). Their sophisticated design allows them to function without noisy pulleys or chains, making annoying operating sounds a thing of the past.


Affordable Cost

Swing gates are some of the most affordable residential gates on the market today. They give you ample protection for a fraction of the cost of other gate designs. Since swing gates don’t have numerous components, we can keep our prices affordable so you can safeguard your property without spending a fortune.



Swing gates come in several designs that will match any homeowner’s style. At Leading Edge Gates & Controls, we can customize your swing gate to your liking so you can make your home more alluring than ever. Our team will work with you to find the perfect design for you and your home.

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Whether you want an enchanting colonial swing gate or an artistic, modern barrier, Leading Edge Gates & Controls is here for you.

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