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Interesting Wood Fence Design Ideas for Your Home

5 Interesting Wood Fence Design Ideas for Your Home

Are you looking for wood fence project ideas that boost your home’s curb appeal and match your architectural style? There are many popular, modern wood fence designs, from the semi-private shadowbox to the open elegance of split rail.

Whether you’re using pressure-treated wood or good old cedar and spruce, the look of wooden fence styles has evolved. Read on for more about the types of wood fence styles that could be just what you want for your home.

Types of Wood Fence Designs

When deciding between wooden fencing designs, it’s about both functionality and looks. If you’re just interested in marking off property lines and don’t want to interrupt the natural beauty around you, then split-rail is the way to go. On the other hand, if you are looking for privacy or a fence that will turn away all intruders, shadowbox or board on board fencing might be more your style.

Whichever design you choose, wood fences are one of the most classic, popular looks. Bring rustic charm to your home with some of our wood fence design ideas below.

Modern Horizontal Wood Fence Designs

Whether you’re looking to contain a backyard, park, farm, or garden, wooden fences are proving very popular in Newark, DE. Each fence style tells a different story about the people inside, and each of them can bring beauty and a different kind of charm to your living spaces. 

You will naturally want something that looks interesting, high-quality, and safe. The options span from the most private to the most open, but all of them use the natural beauty of wood as their starting place. Fortunately, we live in a world of unlimited fence styles and designs to choose from.


The alternating boards of a shadowbox fence allow air to circulate through the fence while still offering privacy. A neighborhood classic, shadowbox fencing complements a cozy cottage just as well as it would a high-concept modern home, with a look that will not go out of style and a comforting solidness that reminds you that you’re home and safe. 

Shadowbox is a timeless style for a reason, giving you a solid-looking but still interesting fence that will nevertheless keep you from feeling boxed in.

Split Rail

Rail fences, usually cedar fences, give your property the traditional rustic ranch look: Upright posts with two or three horizontal “rails” connecting them. It creates a seamless view that nevertheless establishes your property and can keep large animals from wandering if necessary. 

Split rail is perfect for those who want something traditional but not stodgy. Split rail has a modern look without forgetting any of the country charm making it perfect for a variety of both fun and classic looks. Whether you’re referencing the old hitchin’ post or something more contemporary, the overall effect of split rail is simplicity, charm, and a little bit of drama.

Board on Board

Board on board fencing provides structure and privacy by lining up boards on both sides of the property line. The placement of the boards is key: By spacing them apart and then placing boards over the seams, you get the most privacy you can have with a wood fence design. 

Creating textures and layers with your boards and finishes can give this style the most visual appeal of any of these wood fence designs.

French Gothic

Often made from cedar or even pine, French Gothic fences provide a classic open-air fencing look that gives white picket fences their charm. The curb appeal of the delicate, open-air, simple, and traditional pickets can’t be overstated. 

For those with a more old-school style who want a bit more privacy than a split rail fence installation can offer, these classic wooden fence designs hearken back to an older time. French Gothic is the perfect style to show off your traditional home with beauty and elegant touch.


Stockade fencing has panels of pointed boards that are attached to heavy posts a few yards apart—the classic fit-tight “backyard” fence. You can get stockade in spruce or cedar, along with other fence options. Stockade fencing is perfect for families with kids or pets that might otherwise wander off while also giving them the benefit of privacy. 

Stockade is the go-to style for neighborly fences in a housing development or suburb because it’s functional and attractive, offering a private oasis.

Choose Your Favorite Wood Fence Design Ideas Today

These five most interesting current styles for wooden fencing are just the tip of the iceberg. Choosing the right wood fence design may be a big change for you and can be an intimidating project, but you don’t have to design or build your fence alone! For all your wood fencing and installation needs, call Leading Edge Fence & Gates of Newark, DE, at (302) 892-2575 or find us online at https://leadingedgeaccess.com.