Aluminum Fence Installation in Delaware

Even in a safe area, a fence is a valuable addition to any property. Particularly for residents with young children or pets, a fence can be vital to ensuring safety and can grant priceless peace of mind when someone is playing outside. If you’re considering installing a fence on your property, an aluminum fence may be the perfect material for you. 

Aluminum fences enable homeowners to go beyond simple security and add an element of refinement and class to their homes. At Leading Edge Fence & Gates, we have completed hundreds of aluminum fence installations and can bring any style or design you have in mind to life.

Benefits Of Aluminum Fencing

Compared to other fencing materials, aluminum offers a range of visual and functional advantages. If you’re unsure what type of fence you’d like to install on your property, you can always call Leading Edge Fence & Gates to speak with an expert who can provide advice based on your budget and needs. However, the following sections will cover some primary reasons we see clients choose aluminum fences.


Impressive Strength

Metal fencing offers the highest level of protection against impact and weather. While wood or vinyl fences can provide pleasant visual effects and enhance safety, the strength of these materials does not measure up to metal options. In addition, while non-metal fences can effectively keep animals or passers-by off your property, they can struggle to absorb impacts. 

Conversely, metal fences are highly resistant to this type of damage. This quality makes them highly resistant to wind damage and better equipped to absorb the impact of a vehicle or other large object. Therefore, an aluminum fence is always an excellent option if safety is the primary concern.



Weather takes a toll on everything on your property, but aluminum is uniquely resistant to this type of wear. Aluminum is a strong material, so, like other metals, it is extremely good at resisting wind and impact over time. However, many metals quickly rust when exposed to the elements, making them less than viable as fencing materials despite their strength. 

Fortunately, aluminum fence panels are incredibly rust-resistant, especially when a fence installation company coats them with weather-resistant paint. Overall, aluminum fences offer impressive durability with nearly no required maintenance. However, even the most durable materials can fail when improperly installed, so choosing a reliable aluminum fence company is crucial.


Aesthetic Appeal

One thing that truly sets aluminum fencing panels apart from other fencing materials is the look they can create. Aluminum fence installers can tailor the fence to fit your property perfectly, giving an impressive custom-made effect. While other fence materials can provide a clean look, nothing quite compares to the bespoke appearance of a custom aluminum fence. 

Additionally, many colors and styles are available, allowing homeowners to customize every aspect of their fence. At Leading Edge Fence & Gates, we can accomplish a wide range of different looks by using different types of posts and bars. Depending on your desired design, an aluminum fence can be minimalist and discreet or grand and rustic. 

The color you choose can also significantly impact the fence’s final look. While planning your aluminum fence installation, consider how different color options will pair with your home. For example, black or gray fences can provide a sense of greater security, while white fences offer a homier feel.



While metals like iron or steel can be expensive and raise the cost of an entire project, the affordability of aluminum keeps aluminum fence costs low. Additionally, the durability and resilience of the material mean that homeowners will save money on maintenance as well. When you choose Leading Edge Fence & Gates for your aluminum fence installation, you’ll receive a free consultation and be able to consider the costs before making a decision.

About Leading Edge

At Leading Edge Fence & Gates, we take pride in the work we do for the residents of Delaware. We love our state and are happy to contribute to making the residents safer by providing quality fences and barriers at an affordable price. Our customers are our priority, so you can always count on excellent service when choosing Leading Edge for your fence repair or installation. 

While some aluminum fence companies attempt to make the most profit on every job, we have different priorities. We believe that what sets successful businesses apart is consistent positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. We strive to impress every client enough that they recommend us to their friends and family, and that strategy has worked. 

To accomplish this, our expert contractors approach every job with a high degree of care and work with our clients to ensure their fence is just how they pictured it. Additionally, we offer free quotes to all clients and always provide transparent pricing information, so budgeting for a project with Leading Edge Fence & Gates is always simple. 


Transform Your Property Today

An aluminum fence can be a stunning addition to any Delaware property. A durable yet lightweight and appealing material, an aluminum fence significantly improves the security of your home without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. If you’re ready to enhance your home’s safety and appearance with a beautiful new fence, Leading Edge Fence & Gates can help.

At Leading Edge Fence & Gates, we have years of experience providing quality fences and barriers to the residents of Delaware. We are proud to serve our community and strive to provide the best possible service at an affordable price. When you choose Leading Edge, you can have faith that we will treat your aluminum fencing project with as much care as our own home. 

Our experts are always available by phone to discuss options for your project and recommend materials and styles. Once you decide to work with us for your aluminum fence installation, we’ll help you find the perfect color and style for your property. For the best fences and barriers installation and repairs in Delaware, call Leading Edge Fence & Gates at (302) 892-2575 today.


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