Wood Fence Installation in Delaware

The fence around your property is an essential aspect of the aesthetic of your home. When choosing a fence, homeowners must consider value, design, and utility. Your fence should enhance the beauty of your home and yard while also serving its function of containing your property, pets, and family members securely. Wood fences are an excellent, sturdy, and classic option to meet all your fencing needs.

Wood fence installation is a popular choice among homeowners today. Wood has a pleasing, natural appearance, and wood fence installers can customize the way wood fencing looks in several ways. These fences also provide privacy and are cost-effective, making them an excellent option for anyone looking to construct a brand new fence or replace an old one.

A wood fence is never going to go out of style, and you can rest easy knowing that your fence is durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. You can find wood fences protecting several types of properties, such as:

  •         Backyards
  •         Gardens
  •         Farms
  •         Parks

Wood Fence Designs

One of the most exciting parts of wood fence installation is deciding how it will look. We offer a large variety of designs and styles so you can choose what works best for your property.


The shadowbox wood fence style is a popular choice of wood fence installation that you’ve most likely seen around your neighborhood. These fences are particularly durable and wind-resistant, making them a great option for property owners who want to balance privacy with an open fence design.

Split Rail

A split rail wood fence is one of the more classic wood fence options. Vertical wood posts connect to horizontal wood rails, resulting in a rustic, traditional appearance. These fences do not require a lot of materials, which makes them an affordable choice.

Board on Board

Board on board wood fence panels are a great option for homeowners looking for the maximum amount of privacy. These wood panels overlap to prevent any visibility and are excellent at securing your property and keeping prying eyes out.


French Gothic

Gothic-style wood fences provide some visibility in and out of the fenced area through gaps between attractive wood posts. These fences typically contain decorative points at the top, helping the fence stand out.


Another great option for privacy-lovers, stockade style fencing has close together, non-overlapping boards that reduce visibility. We can build these fences to custom heights to achieve your desired look.

A Cost-Effective Choice

Many property owners who maintain larger properties, such as big backyards or farms, choose wood fence installation because it offers so much value. You have several options to choose from to customize your fence so that it fits your budget and tastes. Wood fence companies like Leading Edge Fence & Gates can help advise you in meeting your financial needs.

We use high-quality lumber that helps your fence avoid breakage, environmental damage, rot, and waterlogging. Our carefully selected wood provides you with durable, cost-effective fencing without sacrificing style.

Make Your Wood Fence Your Own

Wood fences are some of the most customizable options on the market. Some customization choices our wood fence installers offer are:

  •         Choosing among several different style options
  •         Customizing the height of certain designs
  •         Fitting the length of the fence to meet your exact needs

Repair Friendly

One reason wood fence installation is so popular is that it is easy to repair or replace sections when they become damaged. Accidental damage, storm damage, and regular wear-and-tear can all cause problems with your fencing.

At Leading Edge Fence & Gates, we can replace damaged sections to fix any issues your fence may encounter, whether we installed it originally or not.

Maintaining Your Fence

Wood can be sensitive to degradation from environmental conditions. Wood fences require some preventative maintenance to ensure longevity.

Cleaning Wood Fences

After wood fence installation, you can clean your fence with a pressure washer using a low-pressure setting. This is essential to maintaining your fence because it helps keep the wood free of degrading materials like dirt and mold.

 There are special wood soaps designed for pressure-treated wood that will work well to dislodge any unwanted dirt from the wood panels. While cleaning your fence, remember to use the pressure washer carefully to avoid concentrating the pressure washing on one specific area for too long.

Sealing, Painting, and Staining

Environmental conditions like rain and harsh sunlight can degrade wood. That’s why many homeowners choose to seal, paint, or stain their fences after wood fence installation.

Stained and sealed wood is more protected from weathering, fading, and temperature changes. It’s not necessary to stain or paint wood fences, but some people prefer the appearance of a fence that’s custom painted or stained. Sealing protects your fence from water and sun exposure. It’s important to seal your fence annually to ensure maximum protection.

Painting is a great way to customize your fence and choose a color that suits your home and yard’s aesthetic. Be sure to prime the entire surface of your fence, including cut ends, to prepare it for a paint job. You should choose an alkyd oil-based primer when priming and high-quality acrylic latex paint for the next coats. Your fence must be completely dry before painting.

 Staining your fence can provide an attractive variation in color or texture appearance. As with painting, your fence must be completely dry before you can stain it effectively. For added protection, choose a stain that contains water repellent and a built-in UV stabilizer.

You should not seal your fence immediately because the wood needs time to expand and contract as it settles. If you want to seal, stain, or paint your fence, you should do so within 30 days to six weeks after installation.

Consult with Us Today

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