Shadow Box Fence in Delaware

Homeowners have several options to choose from for privacy fences. One of the most attractive options is the shadow box fence which provides privacy and great durability without sacrificing the appearance of your property.

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What Is a Shadow Box Fence?

A shadow box fence is also known as a good neighbor fence because the fence appears the same on both sides, providing the same quality look and attractive views.

Shadow box fence panels stagger and alternate across support beams. The staggered and alternating design allows for continuous airflow. Additionally, this design hides most of the internal fence materials.

The material of planks and boards’ used for this type of fence can be made of pressure-treated wood or western red cedar for strength and durability.



There are many benefits to choosing a shadow box fence, including:

  •                     Privacy
  •                     Hidden structural elements
  •                     Longevity
  •                     Better distribution of weight
  •                     Continuous airflow
  •                     Style

A shadow box fence does not compromise on style or privacy. The design style is structurally more robust due to the fence’s staggering weight distribution. Continuous airflow means the wood fences are not likely to sag, bow, or fall during high wind situations.

This type of fence has a sleeker appearance because of the hidden internal support materials and the same look on both sides, lacking an identified front or back side.



There are several standard and customizable options for shadow box fence panels.

Standard Designs

Two standard designs for a wood shadow box fence are straight or dog-eared. The straight fence design is when the boards are straight and level across the top, and the second one is the dog-eared option, where each plank has a hexagonal cut at the top.

Customizable Designs

There are three customizable design features for shadow box wood fences: lattice, curved convex, and gothic.

The first is the lattice top design. This design has a straight top edge over a woven lattice pattern with heights varying at each section.

The second customizable design choice for your fence project is to add a curved convex design at the top of each plank. Due to the staggered nature of the style, these curves give the wood fences a wavey appearance across the top.

Another customizable design possibility is to add elegant gothic-style points to each support post between panel sections. These points add a classic look and stand out from a distance.

Upgrades for Your Wood Shadow Box Fence

In addition to customizing the look of your wood shadow box fence, you also have the choice to add protective features.

One protective feature involves capping the top of each plank. Capping the planks reduces water build-up and enhances the look and longevity of wood fences.

The second protective feature is to add a baseboard to the fence planks. The baseboard protects from small animals likely to scratch wood fences. It also protects the planks from rotting off at the bottom due to rising water levels that sometimes occur at the fence line after a storm.

Another option is to add decorative trimming on each plank. In addition to protecting the planks, this feature adds aesthetic value to the wood fences.

It is also possible to upgrade to metal fence rails and posts. The benefit of metal fence posts is preventing fence sections from sagging or falling. Options for metal fencing sizes range from 13-gauge to 16-gauge diameters, with the 13-gauge being the most recommended. These metal posts are heavy-duty steel that can withstand most weather conditions.

Cost to Install Shadow Box Fences

The cost to install shadow box fences varies, but, on average, it is usually slightly more expensive than traditional privacy fences. The additional cost is worth it, considering the added value, aesthetic appeal, and similar outlook from both sides.


With the increased durability, structural integrity, and open airflow design, shadow box fences require fewer repairs than the average fence. Leading Edge Fence & Gates can handle it all when there’s a need for repair services. Our services include the repair and replacement of:

  •                     Caps
  •                     Panels
  •                     Posts
  •                     Fence rails

Our experienced and professional team can take care of all the installation and automation needs.


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