Aluminium Gates

Aluminum Gates in Delaware

Are you looking for aluminum gates to protect your home or add another layer of security? Whether you want an aluminum gate for security, curb appeal, or to add a custom touch to your home, Leading Edge Fence & Gates can provide superior fencing services.
Our team serves the Delaware area, including but not limited to Newark, Middletown, Bear, and Glasgow. The Leading Edge Fence & Gates team will install custom aluminum gates, repair your current ones, or complete routine gate maintenance. Call our experienced team today at 305-892-2575 for all your fence and gate needs.

Different Aluminum Gate Designs

There are numerous styles of aluminum fence designs, including ornamental finishings, pointed tops on vertical posts, or even clean straight lines for a more modern look.
In addition to these styles, there are multiple different structure types for aluminum gates. The three most popular structures are single, double, and estate gates.


Single Gate

Single aluminum gates offer one gate door for exit and entry. This type of gate is usually best for smaller areas, like a backyard or side area. However, you can also have a single door for larger areas like a driveway.


Double Gate

Double aluminum gates include two doors that swing open in opposite directions. Generally, a double-door entrance is best for driveways, oversized entryways, schools, apartment complexes, and larger areas. Usually, the style you choose depends on the building you’re gating.
For example, a double gate for a home may have more ornamental finishes like a u-shaped top or vertical post arrows, while commercial spaces may sport an industrial-looking double gate.


Estate Gate

Another style of aluminum gate is the estate gate. These gates are the grandest option. Typically, estate gates are more ornate and attached to existing stone columns or walls on either side. We weld the gate at every picket and connection for a distinct U-frame shape with superior quality.

Aluminum Gates Installation

Before installation, you’ll speak with a Leading Edge Fence & Gates team member to discuss your vision. After that, we’ll create a draft of your gate to ensure we include all the desired details.
Once approved, you can expect close attention to detail and collaboration during the aluminum gates installation. In addition, our team will install any safety features you want to achieve the desired design and function. These safety features include transmitters, keypad codes, biometric scanners, and phone entry devices.
As a result, you have complete control over who enters and exits your gated area without outsourcing services from another company.


Why Choose Aluminum?

Aluminum gates are ideal for customers looking for low-maintenance driveway gates because aluminum is lightweight, affordable, and durable.
Additionally, it provides a sturdy metal base for gates, making it an excellent alternative to wood or other materials that deteriorate over time. Aluminum is also resistant to rust and other forms of decay. With minimal maintenance, your aluminum gate can stand the test of time.


Advantages of Owning Aluminum Gates

There are numerous advantages to owning aluminum gates. First, aluminum is classy, and sleek, and comes in various colors, making it easily customizable.
However, the perks of aluminum fencing go beyond the aesthetic elements. Aluminum gates offer multiple other benefits, including:
· Enhanced curb appeal
· Improved security
· Rust-resistant
· Lightweight


How Long Does an Aluminum Gate Last?

Before committing to the aluminum gates, you may still have questions like, “How long will the finished product last?”
The good news is that these gates last upwards of 50 years. So, it makes sense that home and business owners everywhere make aluminum a common choice with that type of lifespan.


Maintaining Your Gate

Although the upkeep is minimal, aluminum gates require care from time to time. Wash your gate with soapy water and a scrub brush to prevent buildup from outside elements. Then, allow our team to complete preventative maintenance to ensure your gate and safety features are in top shape.
If you’re ready to get the aluminum gates design style of your dreams, let Leading Edge Fence & Gates turn your idea for your home into a reality. Call our dedicated team at 305-892-2575 for a consultation for your aluminum gate! We’ll walk you through your options and help you make the best decision for your home in your budget.