"Where Style Meets Peace of Mind"

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Our Services

    Here at Leading Edge Gates & Controls, LLC;  We custom design each gate system based on your needs and location.  We design, craft, and install custom made steel "Country Estate Gates" that are made right here in our shop.  We also install gates from New England Woodworks, and Iron World Fencing just to name a few.  We are happy to provide a assessment of your current automated gate system, if you have one, and upgrade or provide suggestions if needed. 
"Reliability in access control"

   "Reliability in access control" is what we give each and every one of our customers.  To help achieve that, we provide a service that not many others offer, "preventative maintenance agreements".  With this service we have been able to reduce the downtime caused by wear and tear significantly.  This service includes lubrication of all bearings, chains and pivots, adjusting the limits to ensure the gate is closing and opening the proper distance, checking all safety devices installed on the gate system,  checking the incoming voltage to the operator, and evaluating all parts of the operator itself and making sure that it is in complete working form each and every time.  This service is recommended for ALL of our customers whether your gate opens 2 times a day or 200.  We have custom plans for each circumstance.  As an added benefit to our loyal "preventative maintenance agreement" customers, if there is an unexpected issue we will put you first on our list for any service you may need.   WE VALUE YOUR BUSINESS!
"Where Style Meets Peace of Mind"

  When you have an automated gate installed at your home or business by Leading Edge Access Systems you are doing more than adding value. You are adding security and peace of mind. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world, home invasions and theft are at an all time high. An automated gate system will help keep the people out of your property that should not be there. We offer a wide range of access control devices that span from a transmitter, to a code on a keypad, or a telephone entry system so your visitors can call into you for entry,to a state of the art  finger print device to gain access. And these options are always interchangable if you would like to add more security as well as re-programmable as needed. We also offer a service to remotely program access codes into the telephone entry system for you.

After Your Installation Is Complete

    After we have finished the installation of your gate operating system we will schedule a meeting with you to go over the operation of all of your new equipment and accessories.  At this meeting we will make sure you are comfortable with the operation of all access controls as well as the programming of them as well.  Going over the gate operation includes the manual over ride in case there is a power outage or any other issue.  This is a very important part of knowing your gate system.  As well as answer any questions you may have.
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