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Gate Styles

Here at Leading Edge Access Systems Inc., we are always monitoring how the products we use are performing as well as researching and testing how new or lesser known products work in our industry.  So it is safe to say that when we install a custom designed gate system at your property it will work exactly how you need it to and more.  All of our installations are always upgradeable.  The products that we use can be added to if you change your mind on how you would like to use your gate.  Here is a list of some of the products that we currently install and have held up to the test of time and reliability.  If you have any questions on any of these products please feel free to email or call us and we will answer all of your questions.


New England Wood Works

These gates have been a very popular addition to our product line and for good reason.  These gates are custom built per order and each gate has a steel frame hidden inside of the Western Red Cedar gate for rigidity.  This is a essential part of the automation process that many companies overlook.  The steel inside keeps the gates from sagging or having the common issues that wooden gates have when automated.  This style also offers great flexibility when it comes to color.  You have the choice of paint, stain, or letting them age to your liking.  This is a picture of one of the installations that we completed several years ago and they still look brand new. 

County Estate Gates

This style is also a very popular choice.  The gate can be made to match existing fence or just to give any property that country look.  We custom build these gates per order, therefore they can be built to your liking.  Each gate is made by tubular steel and welded together to create this extremely durable and stylish design.  Before these gates are delivered they are powder coated a color of your choice.  Powder coating is a great way to keep your gates looking new for years to come.  Powder coating ensures that they will never require paint to keep them looking great and can be done in several standard colors.

Ornamental Swing Gates

This is the most common style of gate that we have installed.  This gives any home a elegant and secure look.  There are also many styles that are available for this gate option.  In this photo you see four feet at the post with a one foot rise in the center.  Set up a consultation to find out how many options there are.  These gates are also powder coated and have 6 color choices to choose from.

Slide Gates  
            Picture Coming Soon!!!

This style provides the security that you want as well as many different looks to match your property.  From chain link pipe frame gates to internal track ornamental iron gates. Automed slide gates are very secure and highly reliable.  This is a popular style for commercial businesses such as FCC Environmental.

Barrier Arm Gates
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Barrier gates are a great way to control the vehicle traffic without impeding on pedestrians walkway.  These gates work great in many places including parking garages, campgrounds, and parking lots to name a few.  They are also great as a secondary gate if you dont want to keep your slide gates opening and closing all day long.  Crash gates are also available to add that extra security to your property. We have installed crash gates for VeriSign in New Castle, DE if you are interested in this product.

Vertical Pivot Gates

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Vertical Pivot Gates are great for tight spaces.  They only need the height of the gate itself in space to open.  Also has the full panel across the span of the roadway like a slide gate but without the extra needed space for the gate to slide into.  this has been a great option for mini storages and parking lots where space can be the biggest concern for our customers.

"Estate Gates"

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This style gate is a fairly new addition to our lineup of products.  The neat part of this operator is when the operator opens it pivots up in the air like a Vertical Pivot gate, but, the interesting part about this gate is that it folds up instead of just rotating back.  This eliminates the need of having any space behind the gate operator to open and still gives you the security of a single panel across the roadway that helps to keep cars out.  This gate comes in many different styles and is a product we are very excited about and have installed very recently for The Ministry of Caring.
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